Frequently Asked Questions about Ebola

The following questions and answers were provided by the World Health Organization.

Q. How do people become infected with the virus? 

Q. What are typical signs and symptoms of infection? 

Q. When should someone seek medical care? 

Q. What is the treatment? 

Q. What can I do? Can it be prevented? Is there a vaccine? 

Q. Is protective equipment required when caring for these patients? 

Q. Is hand hygiene important? 

Q. How do I protect myself against Ebola? 

Q. Can hospitals in the United States care for an Ebola patient? 

Q. What is being done to prevent ill travelers in West Africa from getting on a plane? 

Q. Why were the ill Americans with Ebola brought to the U.S. for treatment? How is CDC protecting the American public? 

Q. Are there any cases of people contracting Ebola in the U.S.? 

Q. Is there a danger of Ebola spreading in the U.S.?