Residents Schedule

Due to a number of factors there is no uniform daily schedule; however, listed below are some of the various duties performed on a daily basis by a typical 1st or 2nd year resident.

  • Clinic sessions- 1.5 days per week.
  • ED visits/ consults- including management of Diabetic foot infections & trauma.
  • Admissions to the Podiatric Surgery Service from the ED and direct admits from attending’s offices and clinics.
  •  Inpatient consults- from many other services that can range from Diabetic foot complications to vascular issues to trauma.
  • Elective surgical procedures- approximately 8-12 cases per week per resident. 98% of all elective cases are covered by only one resident & one attending. Residents cover up to 8 outside hospitals & surgery centers in the greater Hartford and surrounding areas.
  • Call schedule- Residents typically take call for 3-4 days at a time. On call residents are allowed to take call from home but must live within a 10-15 minute radius from the hospital.

The volume of patients seen at St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center as a Podiatric Surgery & Medicine Resident will give one a sense of ease with respect to admitting, management and comprehensive care of many patients including the hard to manage Diabetics to the more emergent trauma patients.