Terms of Appointment

Appointments are offered on a basis of yearly contracts. Contingent upon satisfactory performance, once a physician is accepted, he/she is assured of completing the four year program as chief resident.

Resident Evaluation 

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology considers periodic evaluation and feedback essential to the proper conduct of an educational program. Residents are formally evaluated on an ongoing methodology involving the six competencies described by ACGME. This involves not only faculty members, but also nursing personnel, fellow residents and the patients themselves. A composite picture of the resident's progress is constructed and presented to the physician during a private interview.

All residents are required to take the CREOG examination each year. This is intended as a self evaluation technique which permits the resident to compare his/her performance with that of year-level peers and monitor his/her own progress through the residency.

Performance is divided into categories, enabling the resident to identify wide areas of strength and weakness in his/her personal education. Educational policy and evaluation within the Department is ultimately is responsibility of the director. These functions, however, are routinely administrated by the Associate Director who is responsible for policy, curriculum, evaluation, as well as advice on ranking for acceptance, eligibility for performance and satisfactory completion of the requirements for graduation.