New Beginnings Family Birthcare is the name of our family centered obstetrics program that accomplishes about 3200 deliveries annually. The 4 Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists in conjunction with a dedicated full time faculty member oversee the daily activity. A multidisciplinary team assembles twice daily to review patient needs and planning. Residents are fully integrated into the process and are the backbone of the care the patients receive. Residents gain progressive experience in triage, managing term labor, normal deliveries, operative vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery and managing antepartum complications.

Obstetric facilities include a triage suite, 14 LDR suites with individual bathrooms and showers, 2 operating rooms, and 2 recovery rooms. Central monitoring allows vital information to be seen on any monitor. Patient notes, labor curves, fetal heart monitor strips and discharge summaries are documented on an electronic medical record. The 7 room ultrasound division and 6 bed antepartum testing unit are located next to labor and delivery. The 28 bed level III NICU is just steps away. Physician assistants from the NICU are in house and available around the clock to assist with newborn resuscitation.

The High Risk Clinic meets weekly to plan the care for complicated antepartum patients. The breadth of antenatal conditions is quite extensive. A dedicated maternal fetal medicine nurse helps plan and coordinate care for these complicated patients. Our high risk nurse also provides counseling to patients who have experienced pregnancy loss. This patient care resource is invaluable to residents learning how to mange and counsel complicated patients.