Library Services

jo tower Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has a sizable and sophisticated centralized library facility which is available daily to all residents. The Health Sciences Library is located on the ground level of the Education and Research Building. The collection houses over 13,000 books and subscribes to over 500 active journals. More than 900 audiovisual programs are available. Inter-library loan procedures are readily accessible. Terminals link the Library with several national information retrieval services and computerized literature searches are a daily occurrence.

For more information, call the Library at (860) 714-4773 or contact the Health Sciences Library at  

A small specialized library is located in the resident's Conference Room within the Labor and Delivery Suite. Standard textbooks and updated technical bulletins are immediately available to residents on duty. Residents may sign out programs from the audiovisual center of the central library as well as use those that are kept at the labor and delivery suite. A computer in the resident's office is used for case-list accumulation, computer assisted instruction and research analysis.

Each PGY-1 receives core text books in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Each intern class is given a current set of the Prolog series to share. New interns are enrolled as Jr. Fellows in ACOG and have access to the college's information database, Green Journal, Practice Bulletins etc.